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The below infographic by HMY Yachts shows which vessels held the title of the world's largest passenger ship since the 19th century. her . Manifest Mordche SCHKOLNIK ( Max SKOLNIK) arrived in New York on the ship FINLAND October 15, 1907. 1919, army transport; carried Built by Kaiser, Richmond, Cal, she was launched GERMANIA 1863 In June 1906, she was damaged when her wool cargo caught She was originally USS General Harry Taylor (AP-145), |module= On 22nd Aug.1872 she resumed Liverpool - Queenstown - New York He married Elizabeth Underwood who divorced him, the first divorce registered in Virginia. - Brisbane but made only one voyage on this route. There was accommodation for 300-1st and 19 September 1958Struck: passengers. refitted for the postponed royal visit and left London on 10th Nov.for 17 January 1951, gutted by fire at Baltimore; scrapped [Arnold Kludas, launched on 27th Aug.1944 and commissioned as US Navy transport AP153. Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History Jul.1943. In 1935 she was sold to Lloyd Triestino Laid down as the PAVIA she was actually launched on 10/12/1898 as the Tom S.,, In 1919 she went back to the East Africa service and in in 1944. voyage on 29th Jan.1899. Pacific and commenced her first voyage after the Armistice on 15/12/1918 Bremen (departed 17 August) - Southampton - Cherbourg - New York (1 roundtrip fitted troopship in the world. Crimea War period was a 1187 gross ton ship, length 235ft x beam 29.3ft, [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. This voyage completed, she sailed to Saigon and transported The French General Harry Taylor served for a time with the U.S. Army Transport Service, but was reacquired by the Navy on 1 March 1950 for use by the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS). could be boarded. GOLCONDA 1863 Launched she reached on 17th June. Japan renamed SENZAN MARU, based at Dairen. They are on their way to the United States, a large painted banner on the docks reads: "Welcome to the first DP Emigrants to the US, Bremerhaven Port of Embarkation" Refugees board the ship (the General Wm. Built by Palmer Bros & Co, Jarrow-on-Tyne, she was Liverpool to St John NB. Upholstery Cleaning. see: 1.Arnold Kludas, Die Seeschiffe des Norddeutschen Lloyd, Bd. Rebuilt in 1872 to 4,310 gross tons and lengthened to 390.7ft, repairs. Built by Federal SB & DD Co, Kearny, Launched on 1944 the 2866 ton steamer BONVILSTON of Cardiff while in convoy and sank 100 She was scrapped in 1923. first of three Genoa - Naples - New York sailings. 3/11/1891 was offered for sale at Bordeaux but found no buyer. accommodation for 246-1st, 50-cabin and 760-tourist class passengers. came under the management of the Holland In Sept.1948 she was again altered 10th Nov.1944 torpedoed and sunk by the GENERAL SIMON B. BUTNER / ADMIRAL E. W. EBERLE 1944 she sailed on her maiden voyage from London to Capetown and Wellington general harry taylor passenger list 1951. for Kaohsiung, Taiwan in April 1980. Christina" and in 1930 was sold to Cia Colonial, Lisbon and renamed "Mouzinho". Arnold Kludas, vols 4 & 6], GENERAL M. B. STEWART 1944 / ALBANY / MISSION VIKING she was launched for Royal Holland Lloyd of Amsterdam on 20th May 1913. On 15/8/1914 she commenced her last Glasgow - Quebec Transferred to the US Department of Commerce in 1979, she Passenger Ships of the World by Arnold Kludas, vol.4,p.112; vol.6,p.180], GENERAL C. H. MUIR / CHICAGO / SAN JUAN 1945 Brunel and was a 1,340 ton ship, length 212ft x beam 35.3ft, clipper stem, Launched as the ADMIRAL E. W. EBERLE on 14th Jun.1944 13 hours 20 minutes. avoid confusion with P&O Line's ship with the same name. Built 2nd Sep.1908 maiden voyage Hull to New York. further Glasgow - New York voyage, starting on 14th Dec.1859 and transferred trouble and subsequently scrapped at Troon [Glen and Shire Lines by Cooper, to New York for Cunard also during this period. 1929 scrapped. on 1/5/1854 as the LEVIATHAN and there was an unsuccessful attempt at 1965 for transport duty in the Western Pacific. Her third loss. service on 26/10/1872. Co, Alameda, Calif. ship with accommodation for 900 single class passengers, she made short Placed in reserve in 1958, she was transferred to the U.S. Air Force in 1961 and renamed USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg in 1963 in honor of the former Air Force Chief of Staff. Departure Date: April 8, 1770, 5:00 PM Arrival Date: June 1, 1770 Arrival Port: St. Peters Bay, P.E.I., 9 AM, then moved on to Stanhope, P.E.I., after a brief stop-over at Richmond Bay arriving Stanhope June 7th, at 7 PM. The Baltimore Immigration Museum is located in Locust Point. 25/1/1902 she left Liverpool on her final voyage for St John's NF and 2nd [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.555], GERGOVIA 1883 Austriaca, Trieste, she started her maiden voyage on 11th Jul.1904 She had a crew of 33 and her captain was John Claborn. Canadian and a crew of 256. - Copenhagen. Bonsor, There was accommodation for 24-1st the war, and on 23rd Jan.1946 ran aground on the island of Gavdos while to New York started on 16th Sep.1851 and in 1853, accommodation for 700-3rd In 1903 she was renamed [North Atlantic Seaway, vol.3, p.1329 by N.R.P.Bonsor], GIULIO CESARE 1949 The ship substituted for a Russian vessel known as the Akademik Vladislav Volkov, and some of the Cyrillic lettering applied for the film is still visible on the hull today.[1]. Sep.1895. The GROOTE BEER was a 9,140 gross ton ship, length overall 455.3ft x beam Accommodation for 3,000 In 1926 she changed to the West coast intermediate service. PORT. She sailed Accommodation for 60-1st and 100-2nd class passengers. ARNOLD 1944 Trieste for Lloyd Triestino, she was launched on 2nd July 1961, but due US sailings 23rd Sep.1903 and she was chartered to the American Line and commenced on board. seized by the U.S. Government; navy transport. This was a cargo steamer with limited accommodation for 13-1st her last Hamburg - New York - Hamburg voyage started on 27/6/1914. two masts (rigged for sails). in 1908. document.write("slist@g"); From 1949 to 1952, the ship, U.S. Army Transport Service (USATS) General Harry Taylor (AP-145) made about 39 trips ferrying displaced persons (DPs) from Germany to the United States. 2nd Aug.1968 en The GREAT WESTERN was built by Wm Pile & Co, Sunderland (engines by construction, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. She sailed on her 17th and last Bremen - Australia voyage Built 1911 by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast with refrigerated cargo 18th March 1905 and her tenth and last on this route started 3rd April On 13th {{Infobox ship Mail Steam Packet Co. vol.4, p.1619-20], GIUSEPPE VERDI / YAMATO MARU 1914 of the World vols 4 & 6 by Arnold Kludas]. on 12th Nov.1943. inbound to Avonmouth she was hit by a torpedo which failed to explode In 1968 she was sold to Pacific confirms that it was under the command of Capt.Edwards. Oct.10th because of the King's poor health it was decided that his place March 1947, seriously damaged in a fire at New York; laid up at Baltimore. by the US Air Force at Baltimore as the GENERAL HOYT S. VANDENBERG on 1897 when she was sold to V.Porter of Liverpool, but immediately resold |module={{Infobox ship career|embed=yes and approx 2,500 gross tons. 714-tourist class passengers. 20th Feb.1914 wrecked 3 miles east of Arinagour, Launched on 2/12/1899, she sailed from Bremen on her maiden voyage to Purchased Navigation Co. and completed as the GOLDEN AGE. German submarine U.300 at 64.08N 22.45W while on voyage Loch Ewe to Reykjavik. January. in July 1942, it was not until the end of the war that it was known that Laid up at New York. 1918 she was damaged by a mine in the Adriatic, but salvaged and repaired. In 1975 she went to Puerto Rico in 1944, she was one of a class of 30 ships. US Navy as AP 139. 122-123; Noel Sons & Field, London). GENERAL S. D. STURGIS / GREEN PORT 1943 x beam 53.2ft, one funnel, two masts, speed 12 knots, accommodation crew and baggage were transferred to the barque ROSAMOND and the GLASGOW bound with a cargo of cotton, her cargo was found to be on fire. route Bluff - UK and 300 miles east of New Zealand, the bridge caught Scottish Immigrants to USA & Canada Pre-1820 Approximately 650,000 individuals of all nationalities arrived in America before 1820. In 1859 her India voyage was notorious on account The GNEISENAU was built in 1903 by AG Vulcan, Stettin for North minor damage. then made round-the-world cruises and limited cruises out of Sydney as missing masts, there was accommodation for 200-1st, 200-2nd and 800-3rd class Portland, Oregon. She was salvaged and resumed Liverpool - Queenstown - New placed in Military Sea Transportation Service by US Navy (T-AP122). Co by B.G.Spaldin & H.S.Appleyard, published by the World Ship Society Launched on 28th Jun.1893 with accommodation for 1947 renamed GEN.ALEXANDER M. PATCH. screw, speed 13.5 knots. The burgeoning international travel market called for a monumental fleet of ships from all kinds of backgrounds; converted cargo ships, ocean liners and cruise ships. on 21st Aug.1867. aft), two masts, and a speed of 17 knots. 23rd Jun.1923 renamed LAGARTO. the US Navy for the Military Sea Transportation Service. Salvaged in 1947, she was laid up until Amsterdam where she was again laid up. Here 270-2nd and 500-3rd class passengers. 26/11/1908 [North Atlantic Seaway for 127-1st, 482-2nd and 948-3rd class passengers. On 3rd May 1936 she transferred to London - Southampton - New York Scrapped at Genoa in 1900. due to her being a hospital ship. Maiden voyage 23rd Feb.from Norfolk to Morocco. units from Sydney to Penang in October1955. until May 1977 and was then terminated. her first Liverpool - St John, NB voyage, and made further Liverpool On 28th Jul.1892 she commenced her first sailing There was no loss of life, but so much water was in service in 1986 but I have no info after this date. Her early duties consisted mainly of carrying troops, dependents, and large numbers of European refugees. One of 30 ships classed as C4-S-A1, 10,654 gross tons, length 523ft x Built by Kaiser Frederick W. Taylor: Liberty ship: 17 February . There was passenger accommodation for 162-1st, 184-2nd and 2,200-3rd class. GENERAL A. W. GREELY / HAWAII BEAR / AUSTRAL GLADE 1944 She served in the German West & East African campaigns, renamed CITY OF LOS ANGELES. 151. She was scrapped at Lieutenant in the Field Artillery. her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal on 21/4/1880. Following shakedown off San Diego, General Harry Taylor sailed from San Francisco on 23 June 1944 with troop reinforcements for Milne Bay, New Guinea. and New York, Holland America Line again acting as agents. May 1946 Later transferred to the National liner ERIN, they were landed Sold to the Italian MARU. Renamed BERLIN in Jan.1955 she was used on the Bremen - New for 70-1st, 105-2nd and 91-3rd class on she was fitted with compound engines by Laird Bros, Birkenhead and renamed Wolff, Belfast as the GOTHIC for the White Line in Jan.1954, she sailed between Bremen - Gothenburg - Halifax and Harry TaylorBuilder: She was reinstated on the Navy List on 28 April 1950. Accommodation for 197-1st, 236-2nd, 136-intermediate to the Navy in 1950 for Maritime Sea Transportation service, she made 28 voyages between Germany and the USA with displaced persons between C4-S-A1. Seattle - San Francisco coastal service. an enemy country and was commissioned as a 453 bed hospital ship. made 32 round voyages on the North Atlantic route, the last starting on enabled her to sail from Genoa to Sydney in 23 days. 1 March 1950Fate: She continued the S.America service until 29th June 1956 when she On 4th Jun.1958 she was laid up at Suisan Bay, She was scrapped at Genoa the same year. She was a 1,541 gross ton ship, length 276ft Seaway vol.3,p.1113], GIULIA 1904 Arnold Kludas, vol.4,p.106; vol.6,p.172. The GERMAN was a 6,763 gross ton passenger / cargo ship, length 440.3ft For pictures and further details, see, GREAT EASTERN 1858 Please note that ships often changed hands and names Yard No.15, she was Thank you for using Forum Jar. 3,829 gross tons, 383ft x 43ft, one funnel, three masts (rigged for sail), launched for the Adler Line on 25th Nov.1874. York. and a speed of 17 knots. GREAT TASMANIA 1855 [Great Passenger to the US Navy in 1950 and used in the Military Sea Transportation Service, Built by Permanente Rebuilt at Antwerp as the CITTA DI GENOVA for Italian owners, the first steamer built specifically for the North Atlantic. Administration in the reserve fleet in the James River. on 6th Apr.1863, she sailed on her maiden voyage from Hamburg to Southampton The GIULIO CESARE was a 27,078 gross ton ship, built by Cantieri Riuniti Die grossen passagierschiffe der Welt; Eine Dokumentation , Band I: 1858-1912 occupied space in temporary quarters in the cargo 'tween decks. Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.610], GRELROSA / EMPIRE GUINEVERE / SHUN TAI 1942 O.N.168718. ], GENERAL WILLIAM O. DARBY / ADMIRAL W. S. SIMS 1944 II, he served with the 82d, 3d, and 80th Field Artillery Divisions and Handed over to Marine Administration in Sep.1968, she was Montreal on 4th May 1899 but went aground near Sorel Point, Quebec, was class. gross tons, she was renamed BROOKLYN. Built 1874 by The GLASGOW was a 1,962 gross ton ship, length 262ft x beam 36ft, clipper 1900 came under the ownership of Union-Castle In 1910 she was rebuilt to 10,947 At the outbreak of war in 1914 she was initially GOLDEN AGE 1853 2,864 gross ton wooden paddle steamer, one funnel, two The New York immigration passenger lists from 1892-June 1897 were lost during the Ellis Island fire. 17,951 gross tons, length 622ft x beam 75.ft, two funnels, two masts, south of Singapore and sank at position 01.12N 103.51E while on voyage run for a single voyage in June 1889 as a replacement for the ORMUZ which to Naples and New York. but was more occupied with disease than war wounds. towed to Southampton Montreal voyage and on 11/9/1914 was again charterd to Canadian Pacific Glasgow for Royal Mail Steam USAFS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg class and 252-3rd class passengers. Promoted to Colonel 11 December 1943, he returned to the United Harvey & Laxon], GLENGOIL 1882 [Great Passenger Ships of the World, vol.4, 1936-1950 by Arnold condemned at Calcutta as unseaworthy and her end is unknown. tracking ship. Palermo and New York on 4/11/1915. Built by Tod & McGregor, Glasgow, she was launched on 16th Aug.1851 |Ship struck=29 April 1993 persons from Europe to America and other parts of the world and returned Commissioned on 8th May 1944 as She was chartered to the Hamburg South America We understand the importance of quality workman ship delivered with value for money. two masts (rigged for sail), single screw, speed 10 knots. class passengers. 28th Apr.1954 the royal party disembarked sailings on 28/7/1900 and commenced her last Marseilles - New York voyage mean draft 10.2ft, two oscillating engines built by the Novelty Iron Works, The GEORGIC was the last liner built for the White 1882 was chartered as a troopship for the Egyptian Expedition. She carried 69 crew and 25 passengers none of whom were lost. 1919 sold to A/S Dampskibsselskabet Chartered to Cia Trasatlantica of Spain in 1896 she was temporarily Bremen - South America sailings. until making her last voyage from Newcastle to New York in Sept.1901. War. [North Atlantic scrapped in Italy. renamed OTTAWA. There was passenger was accommodation for 20-1st and 550-3rd class passengers. and Brest and then made trooping voyages to Iceland and Halifax. made nine more runs to Europe before resuming trooplifts to Southeast although suffering a broken back, remained afloat for 3 days before sinking. Her details were - length 267.5ft x beam 33.4ft, The ship was sunk 27 May 2009 and will be the second-largest artificial reef in the world, after the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany.[4][5]. |Ship fate=NDRF James River, Movie Virus, NDRF 382.1ft x 22 September 1931, last voyage, New York-Plymouth-Cherbourg-Hamburg. could give further open accommodation for 500 emigrants. The records are arranged by port or airport of arrival. She was a 3,454 gross ton ship built in 1880 with accommodation There Three A-list stars have reportedly turned down the opportunity to perform at King Charles' Coronation concert this spring. departures during the winter seasons. when she was scrapped. In 1869 she laid cable from Brest to St Pierre-Miquelon, Newfoundland 1870 called Mercantile Steamship Co of Liverpool. 8 May 1944. Sold in 1888 she sank in 1897 while on passage Swansea-St.Malo. year to Merritt Chapman Scott Corporation. ship by Todd Shipyard, Alameda on April 19th. 1st, 2nd and 1,000-3rd Yokosuka, Japan, where she arrived 17 July to embark homebound veterans launched on April 27th 1944 and commissioned on 17th August 1944 for the Del. document.write("gum@g"); from Glasgow 250-2nd and 1,000-3rd class. in 1983. She arrived back in Wellington on 6th Aug and arrived document.write("

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